Relationship of Environmental Science With Business Management

To understand the importance and usefulness of MBA in Environmental Management, there is a need to first learn what environmental management is? It is a branch of science, which deals with the different elements of environment and managing the resources in order to keep a balance between those elements. It is very important to protect our environment.

There are a countless businesses in the world, which involve production of almost each and every commodity of human use. Unfortunately production these things, is causing damage to our natural environment, which is very dangerous for our survival. For example, smoke of factories pollutes the whole surrounding environment therefore causes serious diseases. Timber business is causing non repairable damage to forests all around the globe. Besides these examples, almost every business is contributing towards environmental pollution, somehow or the other.

A need was felt to develop an infrastructure which should analyze and devise ways and means to avoid damage to environment. Keeping this in view an exclusive study program was developed known as MBA in Environmental Management.

Purpose and Scope

MBA in this field is designed to produce professionals who understand business, its effects on environment and managing the whole thing. A person with background knowledge of environmental science can step into business community by undertaking this masters degree program.

Course Outline

Following major subjects are incorporated in MBA Environmental Management.

• Business Science
• Accounting
• Auditing
• Waste Management
• Environmental Chemistry
• Environmental Assessment
• Communication Skills

Environmental Science with Business Management is an excellent combination which provides better understanding of worst effects of business over environment. Professionals in this field can be very helpful in making the environment clean.

Career Prospect

Holder of MBA can be offered any of the following jobs in industry:

• Waste Management Supervisor
• Environmental Technologist
• Field Waste Characterization Specialist
• Waste Water Treatment Engineer
• Solid Waste Director

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Relationship of Environmental Science With Business Management
Relationship of Environmental Science With Business Management
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